Shiatsu Massage is a form of bodywork originating in Japan. It is both a form of physical therapy and a means of greater integration of body, mind and spirit - a truly holistic therapy.

The principles of shiatsu are rooted in the traditions of oriental medicine using similar energy channels and points as in acupuncture, involving non-invasive and intuitive touch combined with highly skilled stretching and mobilisation techniques. During the treatment this is usually experienced as a sense of deep relaxation.

  • Lift your Spirit
  • Clear your Mind
  • Relax your Body

Shiatsu is a holistic full body treatment combining the use of acupressure points and massage.

Literally meaning finger pressure, Shiatsu balances the energy through your body, relieving pain, reducing stress and increasing flexibility and vitality.

Regular Shiatsu is a very effective way of treating recurrent back problems.

Shiatsu is received through light clothing and lying on a futon; for maximum comfort wear loose cotton clothing and socks.


£50 for 30 minutes | £70 for 60 minutes | £95 for 90 minutes

Shiatsu Therapists

Tony Austin

Linda Mills



Shiatsu is a positive way to take control of your pregnancy and birth.

Shiatsu (acupressure) can ease many symptoms during pregnancy, such as;

  • nausea
    back ache
    emotional sensitivity

And can be helpful during the birth and post-natally.

We are all unique individuals and although we have common experiences during pregnancy each journey is deeply personal and different to any others. Shiatsu provides a personalised treatment for you during your pregnancy.

Shiatsu (acupressure) is carried out with the client fully clothed. Please wear loose clothing.

Shiatsu during Birth

Anxiety about the prospect of the birthing experience and how painful this can be is common. Shiatsu is both calming and can reduce pain. This can be very reassuring.

Most common images of women in labour are depicted at the end of the journey, the actual birth itself, and not the calm gradual build up of contractions over several hours or even days.

From the drama of film it seems a terrifying prospect, unmanageable and it makes sense why so many women suffer from anxiety about the prospect of giving birth. If someone simply mentioned that the great majority of births are calm, as our endorphins build up (natural bio-chemical pain killers produced by the body), and we adapt to the build up and frequency of the contractions, so that by the end we can cope with the dynamic climax of the baby coming into the world.

An experienced pregnancy/birthing Shiatsu practitioner can respond quickly to changes such as;

  • high blood pressure

This helps to regulate a woman during her pregnancy and birth turning what could be an overwhelming experience to one that is without doubt hard work, but empowering.

Birth Partners and Shiatsu Anaesthesia

By involving partners, the inception of the bonds between the child and all around them is instigated from the very beginning. Instead of feeling left out or redundant, birthing partners (your partner, a friend or an experienced doula), have invaluable roles in the support during the birth.

Training birthing partners for shiatsu anaesthesia takes one or two shared shiatsu sessions with the mum-to-be and partner, spanning 2-3 hours. This can make all the difference for feeling in control of your birth and feeling safe and supported by those around you, all of which enhances a calm, anxious free experience.

£70 for 60 minutes | £90 for 90 minutes

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Pregnancy Shiatsu Therapist