Medical Herbalist


Cristina Cromer graduated as a Medical Herbalist in 2003, and she has been practicing in Brixton ever since. Her interest and involvement with plants goes back into childhood, and she has always had an interest in how we get sick and how we become well again.

She has a particular interest in the the way our emotions can affect our health and wellbeing; she works to promote recovery and wellness in her patients by paying attention to lifestyle, diet, sleep, energy levels and stressors as well as the presenting complaint.

She is thorough, thoughtful, kind and patient, but as a native Londoner and long-time resident of Brixton, she also understands the attractions and distractions of urban life.

Cristina achieved a BSc. (Hons) at the University of Westminster and continues studying today. She teaches and holds workshops and seminars at entry level and for university students.


Cristina Cromer BSc

Medical Herbalism