£70 initial consultation and treatment | £60 follow up sessions

Concessions may be available for those on a low income, please call 02077339944 for more information.

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Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment for your body's musculo-skeletal system. It helps you to reduce pain, restore your mobility and can significantly improve your quality of life. And all without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Imagine a car that has one of its front wheels not quite pointing straight. It may run well for a while, but eventually the tyre will wear out. Most people live with the occassional ache but if it keeps recurring you should get it sorted out by a professional. Your whole body will work better if your physique is in good structural balance.

Osteopathic treatment will not only target your symptoms but also the parts of your body that have caused the symptoms.


"Spot on! Very friendly and knowledgeable team. I have had treatment for 25 years all over the world and I know good osteos when I meet them. Gillian, Marta and Marco have been super. Thank you so much."



Osteopathy for Prevention

Don't wait until your aches become a pain. Preventative health care is best. You will need fewer treatments overall if you get it sorted straight away AND you can aim to feel your best; optimum well-being, not merely 'not in pain'. 'A stitch in time saves nine' as the old proverb wisely states.

Osteopaths assess and treat people of any age from the elderly to the newborn and from pregnant women to sports people. Although osteopaths treat many conditions, most people think of us as ‘back specialists’ and back pain is what osteopaths treat a lot of the time. We also, however, treat a range other conditions:

  • neck pain and sciatica
  • headaches and stress
  • pelvis, hip, shoulder, knee problems
  • sports and other injuries
  • pregnancy back ache

If you need advice about whether your problem is suitable for osteopathy then just give us a ring.



What to expect during your visit.

During your first consultation your osteopath will examine you, reach a diagnosis and, with your consent, start your treatment. You will also be prescribed some gentle exercises to start your rehabilitation. After your first session your osteopath should be able to give you a rough idea of how many sessions you will need to get better.

Our aim is to get you pain free as soon as possible.

Osteopaths are experienced professionals.

An osteopath must study for five years for an undergraduate degree. This is similar to an undergraduate medical degree, with emphasis on anatomy and musculoskeletal medicine, and includes more than 1,000 hours of training in osteopathic techniques. By law, osteopaths must register with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). It is an offence for anyone to call themselves an osteopath if they are not registered. The British Medical Association’s guidance for general practitioners states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths.

£70 initial consultation and treatment | £60 follow up sessions
Concessions may be available for those on a low income, please call and ask.

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