Shiatsu Therapist

Tony first became interested in shiatsu when training as an actor. The wish to investigate further the relationship between breath, body, mind and feelings lead him to study shiatsu and meditation with Sonia Moriceau at the Orchard Dharma Centre in Wales.

He completed his initial training with Sonia in 1991 and continues to study with her regularly to deepen his understanding and skills.

More recently he undertook a further course of training with the Shiatsu College completing their post-graduate diploma in 2010.

He is particularly interested in the relationship between body and mind and believes shiatsu to be a practice of bodywork that enables individuals to foster their own healing resources.

He has used shiatsu to treat a number of conditions including back pain, migraines, whiplash and neck problems, digestive and menstrual conditions, asthma, sports injuries, poor sleep patterns and depression.

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Tony Austin


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