Registered Osteopath

Lyndsey graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, having completed 4-years of study to achieve a Masters of Osteopathy. She has also completed an ITEC diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (awarded distinction) and she has taken further clinical training in Western Medical Acupuncture at the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

She tailors her care to each individual to help in the relief of pain and enjoys formulating personalised management strategies to promote the long-term health of her clients.

Lyndsey is fully registered with General Osteopathic Council, British Medical Acupuncture Society and the Institute of Osteopathy. To maintain these memberships, practitioners are required to demonstrate annual professional development to ensure that a high standard of treatment is maintained.

Prior to her osteopathic education Lyndsey grew up in Northamptonshire and went on to complete a degree in Forensic Anthropology (BSc Hons.) at the University of Dundee. The strong anatomical component of this course inspired her to move into the healthcare field. She served in the RAF reserves for three years and discovered a love of mountain biking and adventure. She also has interests in experimental cooking and sustainable living.

N.B. During your consultation Lyndsey may ask you to remove particular items of clothing to aid in assessment and treatment. Therefore, she requests that you wear underwear that you are comfortable to be treated in or alternatively please bring a vest and/or sports shorts. Further to this massage oils and creams may be used during treatment so if you have particularly sensitive skin she would welcome you to bring a moisturiser, cream or oil that you are comfortable to leave on your skin.