Shiatsu Therapist

In 1998 Linda graduated from the prestigious Ki Kai Shiatsu Centre in Camden Town.

Linda treats a wide range of issues at Brixton Therapy Centre, taking referrals from the Back Pain Clinic and supporting the work of osteopaths specialising in birth and early years with her Shiatsu clients.

Linda has an interest in supporting women in their experience through pregnancy and birth. Other areas of interest include headaches/migraines and stroke survivors rehabilitation.

She is highly enthusiastic about bringing her own unique brand of Shiatsu massage informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine to her local community.

Through Shiatsu she has supported and contributed to the local community and seeks to give a little back for her own well-being.

Through her work at The Lotus Healing Centre she gained insight into Eastern Food Energetics (how diet can be linked to recovery and treatment). She has practiced Qi Qong for many years and is continuing her studies in Acupuncture at Westminster University.


Linda Mills


Member of The Shiatsu Society