Fergus Jamieson

Fergus Jamieson


Massage Therapist

Fergus is qualified in holistic massage, relaxing massage and deep tissue massage and has a loyal following of clients at Brixton Therapy Centre.

Born in rural Essex he arrived in Brixton in 1995, where he worked at the Ritzy Cinema before teaching drama for ten years at South Thames College in Wandsworth. In 2011 he left education to join his partner Mardi in helping to run Brixton Therapy Centre.

Fergus says, ‘It’s great to have a new challenge in my life and to be able to start a new career in my forties! I enjoy the opportunity of making clinical decisions based on touch, when I’ve only ever used my eyes and ears in previous jobs. It is a great pleasure to help people with aches and pains, stress and headaches to feel better and to be able to concentrate on what they need to. It’s wonderful to see all my training paying off and to see my clients leaving with a satisfied look in their eyes with their pain dismissed.’.

Fergus is looking to pursue a biodynamic approach to therapy, exploring the holistic side of healing whilst maintaining a firm grounding in anatomy and physiology.

in 2017 Fergus set up Streatham Massage Centre, in partnership with Brixton Therapy Centre, situated on Streatham Hill.

He has built up close links with Hope Pilates, who are expert clinical Pilates teachers, as well as offering yoga and other exercise classes, and can be found in the same building in Streatham Hill.

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