Registered Osteopath


Ed graduated from the British School of Osteopathy and also holds an ITEC diploma in sports massage.

He is a qualified level 3 Pilates mat work instructor. He utilises these additional skills from his 'osteopathic tool belt' to create a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program for his patients, aiding them in their recovery.

Ed is a strong structural osteopath who incorporates elements of:

  • manipulation of joints and soft tissue
  • muscle energy techniques
  • soft tissue massage   
  • strain counter strain   
  • visceral techniques

Before turning to osteopathy Ed worked in hospitality and corporate IT and as such has experience in the stresses and strains that can be acquired in modern working environments.

Ed is interested in the ergonomics of the workstation and associated work stress issues, postural demands placed on the body, long term chronic degenerative conditions, and how movement and exercise can be beneficial to help individuals in their return to health.


"Dear Ed, I had no idea what an osteopath was when I entered your consultation. Half way through I wondered if it was a waste of money. But by the end I was truly impressed and felt you did me lots of good and were very precise and in tune with my body. Also I have taken care of a baby for the last 8 months and fantasised about what it would be like to be a baby myself. And your consultation was the closest thing to that. Anyway thank you, that was money very well spent. I'll come back.
Best, Nicolas"


Ed Bateman M.Ost


Cranial Osteopathy

Member of the General Osteopathic Council