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Sunday, 26 February 2017

We are a team of experienced professionals providing complementary and alternative health ...
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In our contemporary society where time is money and people are so busy, this art of ...
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Homœopathy is a safe and gentle, yet powerful form of medicine which stimulates the ...
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There are many forms of massage, all designed to create a specific effect on the body. At ...
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We aim to offer help for most conditions however if our experienced therapists judge that ...
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Osteopaths in Brixton and South London

Open when you need us

We understand that your work is important and it can be difficult to take time off for treatment. We also know that getting your pain relieved quickly means you need fewer treatments and you feel better sooner.

Our keen and experienced osteopaths can see you from 7am and up to 9pm on weekdays and all day Saturday.

We try to keep one or two sessions free every day. If you are in pain just phone and tell us and we will do our best to help you feel better as soon as possible


Same day appointments may be available. Please ask: 020 7733 9944.

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